Building Event Driven Apps from the Ground Up

September 19, 2023 
9am-2pm BST
Location: Carlisle Place, St. Vincent’s Centre, London, SW1P 1NL - Zone 1 London

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In this hands-on lab, learn how to build and debug an event-driven web application for a new theme park. Ride along with AWS Serverless Heroes Yan Cui and Ben Ellerby to learn how to use services like Amazon EventBridge, AWS Lambda and more to build powerful architectures that support production workflows.

During this workshop Yan, along with the Serverless experts from Lumigo and Aleios, will be on hand to help you:

  • Build and deploy a scalable event-driven web application
  • Implement observability with distributed tracing
  • Identify and troubleshoot errors and performance issues

Attendees should have an AWS account and bring a laptop to participate.


  • 9:00am Breakfast and networking
  • 9:30am What are event-driven architectures? 
  • 9:45am Event-driven apps in production
  • 10:00am Workshop starts 
  • 12:00pm Debugging over coffee
  • 12:15pm Workshop continues 
  • 2:00pm Workshop ends

About Aleios 
We help startups disrupt and large organisations to remain competitive using the best of Cloud-Native, Serverless. Building highly scalable systems we connect people, liberate data and create innovation through technology. We do this via a range of consulting, delivery and training services.

About Lumigo
Lumigo is the developer-first platform for troubleshooting microservices. With one-click distributed tracing, Lumigo connects every micro and managed service to deliver end-to-end stack traces alongside payload request data, helping developers solve their most critical issues in minutes. 


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