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on-Demand Webinar

Debugging Microservices with 1-Click OpenTelemetry

For too long, troubleshooting microservices in Kubernetes environments has been a toilsome task. The complexity of distributed systems often leaves developers wading through a mountain of logs, manually correlating them to traces and metrics, or trying to manually reproduce a production issue. And this is assuming they have the data they need to begin with. 

In this educational webinar, Orr Weinstein, VP of Product at Lumigo, and Ken Finnigan will discuss best practices for troubleshooting complex microservices environments

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why troubleshooting microservices issues are so complex, and the importance of tracing
  • How to simplify troubleshooting workflows with OpenTelemetry
  • The types of data that are most important to understanding distributed systems
  • How you can make sense of your environment with 1-click OpenTelemetry