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on-Demand Webinar

Making Sense of Mixed Application Environments and Services

In a world brimming with varied options for deploying application services, teams have the flexibility to choose architectures that perfectly fit their unique service needs. This choice often results in a blend of different environments, bringing challenges in monitoring and observability across fragmented systems. In this session, we delve into the intricacies of these diverse microservice landscapes. You’ll gain insights into the interplay of serverless computing, Kubernetes orchestration, and container technologies and how they converge to create powerful, scalable applications. It's an ideal learning opportunity for developers, DevOps professionals, and technology enthusiasts eager to grasp the synergy of these technologies.

Join Lumigo experts Orr Weinstein, VP of Product, and Ken Finnigan, OpenTelemetry Architect, as they provide practical insights and real-world applications for these composite environments. This webinar is a must-attend for those aiming to optimize their existing systems or venture into new tech realms. You'll gain valuable knowledge and tools to improve your applications' performance in the dynamic domain of microservices and cloud-native tech. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • In-depth insights into the optimal use of mixed environments
  • Strategic benefits of implementing OpenTelemetry in such environments
  • Efficient methods for deploying OpenTelemetry