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on-Demand Webinar

Overcoming the Challenges of Building High-Performance Systems

We all know observability is essential. However, building a highly performant and mission-critical system requires you to go beyond simply adding metrics to your stack. In this webinar, Aviad Mor, Co-founder and CTO of Lumigo, and Khawaja Shams, Co-founder and CEO of Momento, discuss how to make the most out of your observability stack and the tools you need to build a successful operational environment while minimizing the impact on your bottom line. You'll also hear from AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui, who will share his perspective on maintaining performance at scale.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Make the right technical decisions to maintain high-performance systems from the ground up
  • Unlock the power of metrics, traces, dashboards, and operational reviews
  • Choose the tooling you need to take your system from prototype to production
  • Reduce costs while maximizing performance