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The Smart and Efficient Way to Test Serverless Architecture

Serverless architectures allow developers to focus on their code, and not worry about infrastructure. But just because it’s “serverless” doesn’t mean it doesn’t need testing, or that testing needs to be hard. Whether you’re working with API Gateway, AppSync, Step Functions or Event-Driven Architectures, I’ll show you how to test it.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Common concerns and issues in testing serverless apps. 
  • How to test services like API Gateway, AppSync, messaging queues and more
  • Best practices for writing integration and end-to-end tests

About Yan Cui

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Yan is an AWS Serverless Hero and a Lumigo Developer Advocate. He has been an architect and lead developer with a variety of industries ranging from investment banks, e-commerce to mobile gaming. He is also the author of Production-Ready Serverless and a co-author of F# Deep Dives


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