Lumigo Consulting with Yan Cui

Led by AWS Serverless Hero Yan Cui, the Lumigo consulting team is passionate about passing on the benefit of its hard-won experience to help others to design and build robust, production-ready serverless applications.

The Lumigo team is composed of veteran technologists with deep hands-on experience at leading software houses, including Check Point Software Technologies, HP Software, DAZN and more. Over the past two years, the company has developed a platform for serverless observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting, which is 100% serverless. Alongside that work, the team provides consulting around serverless to various development teams around the world, helping them to save time, effort and resources so they can focus on building great software. 

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Going Serverless. Providing guidance and education on how to make the transition to serverless.
  • Architecture. Assistance with initial architecture design, or architecture review with a focus on security, performance, scalability, and cost.
  • CI/CD. Building/reviewing the CI/CD pipeline, to ensure a robust development environment to build production-ready serverless applications at high velocity. Streamline Your Development and Deployment Process.
  • Monitoring & Observability. Best practices for serverless application monitoring and observability in production.

From short, focused workshops to ongoing consulting, we're happy to offer the flexibility to suit the needs of your project.

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