Fireside Chat: Containers or Lambdas?

Join this fireside chat on Thursday, June 16 at 11:00 AM ET as we make sense of distributed cloud systems

Whether to use serverless or container technologies is a common question companies are asking as they modernize their applications in the cloud. But the truth is that these distributed architectures aren't mutually exclusive of each other.

In this fireside chat, Thorsten Hoeger, AWS DevTools Hero will share his insights about:

  1. When to use Lambda and when to use containers
  2. Use cases for combined serverless and container applications
  3. Automated tracing with the AWS CDK and Lumigo for Lambda and ECS

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Thorsten Hoeger, AWS DevTools Hero

Thorsten is an AWS DevTools Hero. Being a developer, he focuses on improving development processes and automating everything to build efficient deployment pipelines for customers of all sizes.

Michele Mancioppi

Michele is an expert on all things observability. He is passionate about observability, monitoring cloud-native systems, and making software automated and easy to operate.

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