Optimizing AWS Lambda Costs

Thu, December 3, 2020, 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 19:00 CEST

Serverless is a great way to reduce the cost of running applications, because using AWS Lambda functions makes it very easy for us to only use the exact amount of resources we need at any point in time.

In this webinar, Prashanth HN, AWS Serverless Hero and co-founder of, a Lumigo partner company, and Uri Parush of Lumigo, take a deep dive into Lambda costs and explore opportunities to optimize them.

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Some of the topics we will cover in the webinar include:

  1. How Lambda costs are calculated
  2. Understanding your Lambda costs
  3. Tips & tricks for optimizing costs
  4. Leveraging Lumigo and Lumigo CLI for optimizing costs
Uri Parush Profile Pic
Uri Parush

Uri is the system architect of Lumigo, a serverless monitoring & debugging platform.
Prior to Lumigo, Uri held system architect positions at several leading cybersecurity companies, including CyberArk. Uri is passionate about new technologies and the influence they have on developers.

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Prashanth HN

Prashanth is an AWS Serverless Hero,  CTO, and co-founder of, a born-in-the-cloud, serverless focused consulting company.  He helps organizations from startups to enterprises to leverage serverless platforms, allowing them to elevate and transform existing business workloads to serverless or build greenfield products. He's been active as a techie and hands-on developer for more than a decade.

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