TEL AVIV – July 11, 2019 - Lumigo, a Tel Aviv-based startup, building a platform for serverless observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting,  announced today that Yan Cui, an AWS Serverless Hero and the author of Production-Ready Serverless course, is joining the company to lead the consulting business line and to serve as a developer advocate. 

Yan brings with him deep knowledge and experience in serverless development alongside public speaking, thought leadership and many hours of consulting and serverless workshops. 

“I’m excited to join the innovative team at Lumigo, leading the consulting efforts and continuing to promote the benefits of serverless, and helping developers to adopt this exciting technology,” said Yan Cui. 

“Yan is one of the leading voices in the serverless community and we are thrilled with his show of confidence in our work and his decision to join forces,” said Erez Berkner, Lumigo CEO, and co-founder

Lumigo's most popular consulting services include the following:

  • Going Serverless. Providing guidance and education on how to make the transition to serverless.
  • Architecture. Assistance with initial architecture design, or architecture review with a focus on security, performance, scalability, and cost.
  • CI/CD. Building/reviewing the CI/CD pipeline, to ensure a robust development environment to build production-ready serverless applications at high velocity. 
  • Monitoring & Observability. Best practices for serverless application monitoring and observability in production.

Additional details can be found on the Lumigo website -

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About Lumigo

Lumigo is a SaaS platform that helps developers monitor and troubleshoot their serverless & microservices applications. The platform lets developers identify and fix issues in their applications before they impact the end user.

Lumigo was founded by former Check Point executives and is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.